Woman Leaves Rapist With Nasty Taste In His Mouth He’ll Remember Her By

(Stock photos to represent what happened, actual images of the criminal are currently unavailable)

A South Carolina woman was awoken Friday morning by a knock at her door. When she got up to answer it, she found that nobody was there and got back into bed, hoping it was all a bad dream. That’s when the real living nightmare began, especially for her soon-to-be rapist, who would be left with something to remember his victim by.

Police in North Charleston said the 33-year-old victim, whose name was not released, answered her door two more times after whoever was out there kept knocking and ringing the doorbell, then hiding before she opened the door. On the final ring, the woman went outside to see who was harassing her, when she found a male teen suspect hiding alongside her house, holding a knife against his chest, WREG reported.

The woman screamed when she saw the armed man and tried to run back inside her house, but she was beaten to the punch when the perpetrator forced his way inside with her. With the door slammed shut behind them, she was trapped under this feral teen’s wrath, as he pinned her to the ground and began trying to punch her out. She fought back, but that didn’t stop him from dragging her to the bedroom, where things were about to get bloody.

The suspect tried to rip the woman’s shorts off, but he picked the wrong woman to rape. She kicked him in the groin, which only increased his anger as he shouted, “Now you have to die!” His method of killing her apparently was to ram his tongue into her mouth, since that’s what he did right after announcing she must die. However, that would prove to be yet another wrong move for the perverted thug, and the woman left him much different from when he showed up.

According to WCSC, the victim bit down on her assailant’s nasty tongue until she “heard a snap,” and then she ripped it right out of his mouth with her teeth. He fled the bloody bedroom, and so did she, as she hurried to get help. She still had his severed tongue in her mouth when she left the scene, but she spat it on the kitchen floor before exiting her home. The victim called for help from a local business, rather than using her own phone to alert police from her home. Meanwhile, the rapist got away, but not for long.

The woman got a hold of police, who later found the suspect at a local Waffle House, after the boy’s mother had called 911 to get help for her son for “not having a tongue and needing medical assistance.” He was later identified as 16-year-old Antoine Tremane Miller and treated at Trident Hospital. He may be reunited with his tongue soon, since police found it at the woman’s home and preserved it in a bag of ice.

Getting your tongue ripped out of your mouth is one lesson this teen won’t ever forget. Hopefully, he realizes that the “thug life” isn’t all he had dreamed it would be. His mother needs to take her kid back in and start raising him right, teaching him not to put his mouth where it doesn’t belong.

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