Under Armor CEO Slams Trump And Quits Council – Then Wakes Up To A $2.5 Billion Mistake

Boy do I love seeing stories like this pop up in my feed.

n case you are unaware, back in August the new CEO of Under Armor Kevin Plank slammed Trump and quit the President’s special manufacturing council.

He turned tail and ran after another CEO quit the council due to Trump “not condemning white supremacy.”

Are you serious?

I swear, some of these Leftists are professional quitters and whiners. Also, the fact we are still having the whole “not condemning white supremacy” debate is infuriating.
President Trump is not a racist, nor does he condone racism in any form.

That has been proven time and time again.

So when I woke up this morning and saw this headline about whats going on over at Under Armor, I could’t help but smile a bit.

After missing Q3 earnings expectations this year, Under Armor stock dropped over 20% value this morning.

Guess what that means?

That means that Kevin Plank’s net-worth dropped over $2.5 BILLION this morning.

Billion with a B.

It also pushes Under Armor down into one of the worst performing stocks in the entire S&P 500 this year. SAD!

You can’t alienate more than half of the population and then expect to keep up your sales numbers.

When will these companies learn that we are trying to MAGA!

Source: Bloomberg

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